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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Middle age crazy?

Well, I don't know if this can actually be considered "middle age crazy" but we are no longer driving a mini-van. Im sure some of you remember the '69 Impala that Henry and I shared many years back. Well now it looks like we are once again both be owning the same kind of car. Henry and Marg have had an Impala for some time now and we just got ours yesterday. Ours, however, is an '04 SS edition so Margaret suggested that maybe I was going through a mid-life crisis. I have always admired them since the first time that one caught my eye. I will post this picture and when I find one of the '69 I will put that on here and you can see the difference that almost 40 years makes.
Just a bit of an update on Ashley. She arrived back home from Costa Rica on Wednesday. All is well, she had about 900 pictures on her camera, many stories to tell and a really nice tan. Thanks to all who prayed. I'm sure that she will have some pictures and stories on her blog.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, in response to John's comment I guess some things have happened in our lives since April 16th. We have finially gotten some summer weather! I am actually thinking that I have to get my mower ready because we need to cut our grass.
We are also on course for a record month at work, not just for May but best month ever. As of today I believe that we were at 8o units this month just for the used dept. Sadly not nearly enough of those are units that I sold but God is good and we will still manage to pay the bills and put bread on the table. I did finially get my demo at work (an '07 Pontiac Torrent; small suv) It sure is nice to drive a brand new vehicle. And speaking of work, I had an interesting thing happen today. Since it is the end of the month all of us are trying to get to our bonus levels. The one guy in the office next to mine has been there for just over a year I think, and he is trying to get to 15(he has never hit 15 units since he's been there). I was sitting at my desk reading some literature on our extended warranty programs. I had my hands folded and my head resting on my hands. He walked by and asked if I was praying or reading. I laughed and said that I was reading but since I needed I more sale to make 10 (our first bonus level) that maybe I should be praying instead. He asked if I was going to do that then maybe i could mention one on his behalf since I had a much better standing with "the man upstairs" than he did. As he left I figured that if I would pray for him and God would answer that there might be some way that this would get him thinking about the reality of a realtionship with God. Toward the end of the day we where sitting around talking and the finance lady came out and told him that a deal he had been working on had been approved. This was a deal that he figured would probably not go through. The first thing he did was ask me if I had prayed. I told him that I had and he said that if that was all it took then could I please do it 6 times a week. It was interesting to see how God worked in the situation. I trust that this will open opportunites in the future.
Ashley is still in Costa Rica and enjoying her time there. She is due to return on the 19th 0f June.
Margaret is still working in the home and garden dept at Superstore. She enjoys her job for the most part some of the other staff are difficult to deal with at times. She has also had opportunities to share about Christ with one of her co-workers.
Matt and Brittany are looking forward to finishing school. They are both thinking about getting jobs for the summer. Matt with a friend of ours who does underground sprinklers and Brittany is thinking of McDonald's.
Steve left for Saskatchewan today; he was very excited to be moving back. He is not sure yet what he is going to be doing but is confident that he will find a job.

Monday, April 16, 2007

This picture was taken July of 1995 , we had good times!
I'am not sure when this was taken,but it sure brings back a lot of good memories!
Dec. 1991, just look at all those yu unns. Those sure were fun Christmas'
Dad at our house in Prespatou whittling a piece of wood. Oct.1994.I hope that you enjoy these pictures of the past. Abe & Margaret

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Need a laugh?

If you haven't laughed till you cried for a long time than you need to go to this link and watch this video. It's called Dad at the Comedy Barn. It's a little long (about 7-8 min.) but it is hilarious.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thank you, Thank you very much!

Thanks for all of your encouraging words. I appreciate it. I did eventually sell a vehicle on Friday. A guy came from Edmonton and bought a truck from me. This Sat. (yesterday) I also had a very busy day. I sold one and two more people are waiting to hear about financing. So we may actually get to have some chicken this month instead of just feathers. Thanks for all your prayers, the Lord is truly good!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I got my picture in the paper on Friday. Can you believe it? And I may have sold my first vehicle today. The guy is supposed to let me know tommorrrow. I'm pretty sure he's going to take it. It's high time, I've been at this for almost two weeks already. It would help if it wasn't so bitterly cold outside.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Okay, okay here's a new post. And no, sadly I have not been that busy selling vehicles that I haven't had time to post anything. I just haven't taken the time that's all. I'm posting these pictures because most of you have not seen this little guy. These were taken this last Christmas in Saskatchewan. This is Natasha's boy Owen. He turned 3 at the end of Dec. I think he looks a bit like me when I was young. He's just as cute anyhow!